Cleaning shower glass

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I have tried everything from dawn and vinegar to magic erasers. I've put them all to the test and this one is hands down, the winner! I'm not being compensated by any company or any person for telling you this, it's just something I wanted to share with you... it'll make life a little easier!

Here's the panoramic photo from inside my shower - I can see clearly - not a single water drop and no soap scum around the edges.

Here's the scoop...

Use this soft cleanser on a sponge - work in circles on entire glass surface and then rinse well. You can find these products at Target, of course.

If there's a lot of soap build up - you might have to repeat that last step.

Then, spray the glass with this Rain-x cleaner, rub it in and then squeegee it off.

Dont use your shower for 24 hours.

From this point on, the rain-x will repel water drops and scum. You should repeat the rain-x cleaning monthly.




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