DIY Placemat Make-Up Bag

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1. Placemat: I bought this placemat at Target for $3, it measures 14" x 19"

2. Zipper: 14-16 inches



Lay placemat face up - with the short end at the top.

Lay 14-16 inch zipper face down - and pin to place mat as shown. So that right sides are facing (zipper right sides and fabric right sides.

Using your zipper foot on sewing machine, sew zipper where you pinned.

Now, unzip zipper and pin unattached side to the other short end of placemat - as shown in pic. Sew that side.

Leave zipper half way zipped and pin two sides closed, leaving the bag inside-out.

Stitch those two sides. If using a metal zipper stop at zipper and teeth or you'll break your needle. ***If using metal zipper, you'll need to come back and hand tack (sew a few stitches) over this area.***

Trim edge that you just sewed along with the zipper end pieces.

Now, it's time to cut some corners ;)

Measure and square off 1.5 inches in each corner. I used a pen to make marks, then cut those lines.

Now, take the corner and pinch it on sides so that it lays flat - as shown

Sew closed.

Repeat on all corners.

Now, turn your bag right-side-out and poke your corners out.

Your bag is finished.

Tie a pretty piece of ribbon to the zipper.

***Remember to stitch over zipper ends if you used a metal zipper***

This is the other bag I made from a Target placemat...

I made these in 30 minutes!

Happy Sewing!


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