Cafe Press Give-Away... Update

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I was compensated with free merchandise by Cafe Press for my review on this post.  The opinions expressed are my honest opinions and were not swayed by free merchandise.  I have been a Cafe Press customer for many years, prior to this promotion.  
You can read more about my Disclosure policy here.

Here are a few of my 
favorite invitations...

So, here's the scoop... I have removed the GIVEAWAY details because the contest has expired and it didn't go over that well, quite honestly!  I spoke to several of you who said it was just too time consuming to search out a product, etc for the giveaway and I completely understand :)
So I have contacted Cafe Press to tell them what I'm ordering and it's 
I will tell you this... 
you can expect a full and honest review!

Have a great weekend!

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