French Chair

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A French Chair named Fantine

 I found this chair at an estate sale recently.  
I knew it had great potential.

The BEFORE photo makes this chair look much better than it actually did.
The fabric was faded, ripped and smelled like Aqua Net and Ben-Gay.

The upper fabric was glued and stapled to the chair.  I found it was very difficult to remove.  
I removed the front top completely, after removing the seat.

 Under the seat, I found 4 signatures on each corner. 
 I love making up stories in my mind about oddities like this.  
I imagine they were from 4 loving ladies that recovered this chair for their mother or grandmother, 
a couple of decades ago.
 I left the back fabric on the top.  It was not removable without tearing up the foam.
Moving on to the painting technique...
First of all,
I painted the whole chair with Miss Mustard Seed's Ironstone.
 As you can see, it peeled and flaked where it wanted to.
That's part of the magic of milk paint.
 Next, I washed the entire chair (in a very watered down paint technique) using ASCP "Creme".
Then I mixed a little ASCP "Duck Egg" with the "Creme" and using a detail brush, 
I painted in the accents on the chair (see above photo)
I lightly sanded over the paint to allow alittle more wood to show through.
 I covered the seats with this beautiful fabric from Premiere and
I used this pretty trim around the edge.  
It covered my hot glue globs ;)
 And here it sits in my foyer.
Steve says it's his favorite piece that I've ever painted...
and I've painted a lot of pieces!

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